Boman Kemp: Basement Window Systems

FAQ for Builders

Is The Boman Kemp Window System Egress Compliant?
Yes. Certain size systems are compliant with section 310 of the UBC, section 310 of CABO and section 310 of the current IRC code. Please see the egress section for more detail.

Why Do I Need Egress?
Throughout the Country, egress is becoming required due to the change in residential codes. With the new International Residential Code or IRC, the I codes mandate a means of egress (or escape) from every habitable room. In short, builders that provide a means of egress for their basement during the construction phase will have fewer complaints from customers down the road who wished they had egress offered to them during that time. Retrofitting egress windows typically quadruples the cost of egress units, compared to planning ahead during construction. You will also be able to offer the safety and peace of mind to your homeowners either as a standard option, or as an upgrade!

Which Boman Kemp Product Do You Recommend For Egress?
There are several products that meet egress, however the 4040 system is recommended due to dealer availability. Please visit the System Builder for recommended sizing.

How Do I Contact Boman Kemp?
You can contact Boman Kemp here.

What Is The Product Made Of?
Window buck = 18 gauge galvanized steel with baked on enamel paint.
Area well = 18 gauge galvanized steel with baked on enamel paint.
Vinyl window = Double insulated glass in vinyl frame.
Safety grate = .25” steel rolled angle, with steel safety bars. Powder coated.
Plastic cover = Vacuum formed polycarbonate plastic.
Ladder = .25” thick steel rolled flat bar, with steel rungs. Powder coated.

What Is The R And U Value Of Your Windows?
The NFRC rated Boman Kemp’s V- 70 vinyl basement window. The ratings were as follows:
The vinyl window with clear glass had a U value of .50 and an R value of 2.00. The vinyl window with Low-E glass had a U value of .38 and an R value of 2.70.

What Colors Do The Windows Come In?
There are two colors available to choose from white and almond. Most Boman Kemp dealers will stock white with almond available for special order. The windows are also available with grids, Low E and tempered glass, but all of these would be considered special order. Please contact your Sales Rep’s for more detail.

How Do You Drain The Boman Kemp Window System?
It is recommended that you back fill the bottom of the area well with 12-24 inches of a 1” stone backfill. In areas of high water it is recommended to install a drain in the bottom of the area well that is tied into the perimeter footing drain.

Are The Windows Available In Special Order Sizes?
Yes. Boman Kemp offers a variety of standard sizes. Contact the nearest distributor for additional sizes and availability.

Will The Plastic Safety Grate Cover Hold A Persons’ Weight.
No. The plastic cover is designed to be used only with the steel safety grate.