Boman Kemp: Basement Window Systems

FAQ for Building Remodelers

Is The Boman Kemp Window System Egress Compliant?
Yes. Certain size systems are compliant with section 310 of the UBC, section 310 of CABO and section 310 of the current IRC code. Please see the Egress section for more details.

How Do You Install Your System?
Within the area of remodeling there are many ways to retrofit a Boman Kemp Window System. In most cases it is recommended that you contact a local contractor who is qualified to do remodel work. Please visit the "How to" portion of the remodel section, for one option on installation. 

Which Boman Kemp Product Do You Recommend For Egress?
There are several products that meet egress, however the 4040 system is recommended due to dealer availability. Please visit the System Builder for recommended sizing.

Are The Windows Available In Special Order Sizes?
Yes. Boman Kemp offers a variety of standard sizes. Contact the nearest Distributor for additional information.

Do I Have To Use Your Window In Your Window Buck?
Our window is made to fit our window buck making it easier to order, ship and install an entire Boman Kemp Window System. You do not need to outsource any of the components required for your project!

How Do You Drain The Boman Kemp  Window System?
It is recommended that you back fill the bottom of the area window well with 12-24 inches of a 1” stone backfill. In areas of high water it is recommended to install a drain in the bottom of the area well that is tied into the perimeter footing drain.

Where Do I Get Boman Kemp Window Systems?
Our window systems are available at distrubutors throughout the country and are available in your state. Contact the nearest Distributor for additional information.

Can You Use Boman Kemp Windows For Above Grade Applications?
Yes. You can use Boman Kemp windows in above grade applications.

Do I Have To Assemble Your Product?
No. The Boman Kemp window bucks come pre-assembled from your local dealer or distributor and the area wells are ready to use from the factory. No assembly is required, making for quick and easy installation.

Does The Grate Lock Or Attached To The Area Well?
No. Due to residential codes, the grate must be operational without the use of a key or a tool.

Does The Window Lock?
Yes. The window has a standard locking mechanism that keeps the operable sash from sliding open.

How Is The Ladder Connected To The Area Well?
The ladder is equipped with hooks that hang from the top of the area well. There are also pre-drilled screw holes provided for anchoring the ladder to the area well.

Will The Plastic Safety Grate Cover Hold The Weight Of A Person?
No. The plastic window well cover is designed to be used only with the steel safety grate.

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